aerial view of the ocean flowing over boulders into injidup natural spa

Injidup Natural Spa Review: A Haven or Ruined by Instagram?

If you’re looking for a serene, natural spa experience in Western Australia’s Yallingup region, Indijup Natural Spa is the place for you. Or is it? Has it been ruined by thousands of visitors taking selfies for the gram? Find out what we thought when we visited what was once a secret spot only locals knew about.

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aerial view of the ocean flowing over boulders into injidup natural spa
Aerial view of Injidup Natural Spa by Tourism Western Australia

Where is Injidup Natural Spa?

Injidup Natural Spa, or Wyadup Rocks as it is also known, is close to Yallingup in Western Australia’s South West region.

Indijup Natural Spa Directions

Injidup Natural Spa is about a 15-minute drive from Yallingup and half an hour from Margaret River, north of Injidup Beach.

Turn off Caves Road onto Wyadup Road, towards the ocean, and follow the road until you reach a car park at the end of the road. Don’t turn onto Cape Clairault Road, where the Injidup Spa Retreat is, but keep going straight. Once you arrive at the car park, you will see a field opposite.

cars parked at the injidup natural spa car park
Car Park at Injidup Natural Spa

A short rocky track on the left from the car park leads down to the spa. You will see Injidup Beach on your left and the rocks and the spa to your right. The spa itself requires some rock scrambling to get to it.

people walking along the rocky path that leads to injidup natural spa
Injidup Natural Spa track

Best Time to Visit Injidup Natural Spa

The best time to visit Injidup Natural Spa is outside of school holidays on weekdays and preferably at sunrise (but check tide times first as low tide is better). This time minimises the number of people you will encounter at this popular attraction. If you want a dip in the natural spa, summer and early autumn would be the best time as the Indian Ocean can be cold!

We visited during the Easter school holidays around lunchtime, and the spa area was packed with lots of people in the pool.

lots of people in the injidup natural spa and climbing rocks
You need to scramble over these rocks to access the natural spa

What is Injidup Natural Spa?

Injidup Natural Spa is formed by huge waves crashing through and over the boulders, creating a cascade or small waterfall. Depending on the tide and swell, this could be a tiny trickle or a violent whitewash. The natural rock formation protects against the pounding waves, creating a small secluded pool amongst the huge boulders.

What to expect at Injidup Natural Spa

I’m sure you’ve seen the highly-edited stunning photos all over Instagram of the picture-perfect natural spa with an “influencer” standing in the crystal-clear turquoise water. Unfortunately, the reality is a bit different and can lead to disappointment when you get there. These “influencers” either get up before sunrise to get their photo taken before anyone arrives or photoshop other people out of the images. It is very hard to be all by yourself at Injidup Natural Spa.

I want to be realistic, for you to enjoy this place for what it is. Set aside all the pretty pictures, enjoy the spectacular scenery around you, and listen to the kids screaming with laughter and couples enjoying each other’s company. Travel and the world aren’t perfect, nor do we want them to be. How boring would that be?! Once you’ve put aside the unrealistic expectations, sit back and enjoy this stunning location.

It’s not all about the spa either; check out Injidup Beach, which was my favourite part.

people in injidup spa on a calm day with rocks either side
Injidup Natural Spa with calm conditions

Injidup Beach

Injidup Beach is to the left of the path that leads to the spa and curves round to the northeast, then north for 1.6 km to Mitchell’s Rock, the bedrock that forms the north end of the beach. It’s a great surf beach with strong, powerful waves that average about 1 m at the southern end and increase to 1.5 m at the rock. There are a few rips in the northern end and a few rocks along the centre and south part of the beach. The waves that break over the southern rock during high swell conditions produce the Car Park and Pea Break surf breaks.

Fishing from boats is not permitted, but you can fish from the beach.

As with all unpatrolled beaches, care must be taken when entering the ocean. Look out for rips and be aware that this is a moderately dangerous beach. Surfers should be shark smart as there have been attacks by the surfing breaks.

access to injidup beach across rocks
Access to Injidup Beach

Injidup Natural Spa Dangers

Tragically there have been a few Injidup Natural Spa deaths due to visitors climbing up onto the rocks and being swept away by large, powerful waves. You may see people climbing on the rocks to take a photo or to access some of the rock pools further north, but it can be dangerous. The rocks are slippery when wet, and the ocean current can be strong with king waves that can hit at any time and pull you into the water.

Despite being labelled a natural spa, it can be turbulent, so please be careful.

a warning sign for the dangers at wyadup rocks injidup
The warning sign at Injidup Natural Spa/Wyadup Rocks

Cape to Cape Track

The famous Cape to Cape track passes by Injidup, where you can walk 23 km to Cape Naturaliste or 23.5 km to Gracetown. If you’re after a short but challenging hike, walk 5.5 km to Smiths Beach (this is one way). This is the rockiest part of the trail and for more experienced walkers with a reasonable fitness level, so be prepared for some rock scrambling and steep climbs.

the cape to cape track running alongside the coast near injidup
Cape to Cape trail at Injidup

Other Things To Do near Injidup Natural Spa

Injidup Natural Spa is one of the many things to do in the Margaret River region. For more inspiration, have a look at the following guides:

What To Bring to Injidup Natural Spa

  • Drinking Water
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen
  • Hat
  • Bathers
  • Sturdy shoes
  • Go-Pro or camera
injidup beach with white sand and large rocks on the beach with waves coming onto shore
Injidup beach

Responsible Tourism

Due to the hype about Injidup Natural Spa, the place gets a lot of visitors, creating a problem for the environment. Please respect nature and take all rubbish with you – it was sad to see the amount of litter left behind that will end up in our ocean.

Take only memories, leave only footprints

Chief Seattle

Injidup Natural Spa Tides

To check the Injidup beach tide times and height for low and high tide, see WillyWeather.

What does Injidup mean?

Injidup is derived from “Inji,” the Noongar word for the Templetonia retusa (red pea flower).

beautiful coloured rocks behind indijup beach
Look for the beautiful coloured rock formations backing Injidup Beach

Is Injidup Natural Spa Dog-Friendly?

Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted at Injidup Natural Spa or the beach.

Injidup Natural Spa Accommodation

For true luxury, Injidup Spa Retreat offers ten adult-only villas with a private plunge pool and spectacular ocean views. You receive a gourmet breakfast hamper and a bottle of wine on arrival, and villas feature a kitchenette and a private patio with BBQ.

Stunning Cape Lodge also has adult-only accommodation and features an award-winning restaurant and wine lounge. The property is surrounded by forest and a lake, and the hotel has tennis courts and a large pool with sun loungers.

Read this guide on the best accommodation in Yallingup for more ideas on where to stay near Injidup.

Can you Camp at Injidup Natural Spa?

Unfortunately, there is no camping at Injidup Natural Spa. However, Yallingup has two campsites to choose from; Yallingup Beach Holiday Park and Caves Caravan Park. You can read more about them in this guide on the best accommodation in Yallingup.

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